LARVAL PLUS Shrimp Larval (Fish Feed)

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Product Specification

Product Name : LARVAL PLUS Shrimp Larval (Fish Feed)


Packaging Size : 1 KG, 500 g, 250 g, 100 g, 50 g

          The feed contains high level of marine based protein, vitamins, micro nutrients and natural anti-oxidants. The delicate selection of nutrition successfully improves immunity of shrimp and increases pathogenic tolerance leading to better health, survival and growth rate.

  • High quality and digestive marine based ingredients that can effectively convert into growth factor leading reduced production cycle and cost.
  • Rich in Vitamin and micro nutrients to improve shrimp immunity and tolerance against pathogenic or condition fluctuation stress.
  • Effectively replaces artemia while maintaining the physical larval appearance primarily fed with artemia.
  • High in natural anti-oxidant to induce cell development, growth and survival.
  • Dustless and very water stable to reduce nutritional leach and organic load in water.
  • Very uniform particles and easier feed code selection by operators.
  • Fasten molting recovery to reduce cannibalism and loss.

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